Experience a new reality

Titanlink Corp.

Titanlink Corporation began decades ago as a biotechnology and nanoimplant company with the purpose of improving people’s lives. Medical advances were soon left, becoming something usual in a society where physical difficulties had been forgotten thanks to the science.

Titanlink Corporation decided to expand their horizons, if society no longer required their help for life in this era, perhaps what it was needed is a new reality.

Thanks to that was born the immersive technology project, World Titans War (WTW), that today is looking for their first participants. WTW opens the registration forms for volunteers who want to be part of the first expedition to a past that was not always better than the present, but more intense.

With the focus of offering in the future the possibility of traveling to different times in the past of the history, a redesign will be made adapted to today’s society, where we can see that sometimes reality and simulation are separated by a thin line that it borders on the anachronistic to make the transition to intertemporal culture easier.

This experience starts with a trial run inspired on the Second World War. Titanlink Corporation has designed its first big stage, a map of Europe in which travelers must discover, experiment and, the most important, survive.

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